COVID-19 situation continues, and various situations inside and outside the country are serious. However, as the chairman of the Korean Heart Rhythm Society (KHRS), I will try to further develop our excellent KHRS, which many seniors have made.

KHRS started as a working group of arrhythmia under the Korean Society of Cardiology in 1997 and became the Korean Heart Rhythm Society in January 2017. As of 2023, the number of members of KHRS is approaching 1,750.

The 14th KHRS scientific session in 2022 was attended by 1,182 participants and held a total of 91 sessions. It has developed into a large-scale international academic conference with 145 domestic and 83 overseas speakers.

Executive members and I will make the following efforts to further develop the capabilities of the rapidly growing society.

(1) Arrhythmia diseases will be promoted through various media to increase public awareness.
(2) We will strengthen the capabilities of various research societies, committees, and academic journals by subdividing academic events by field that have developed so far and publishing the results of the events in the International Journal of Arrhythmia (IJA), an academic journal of KHRS.
(3) We will try to persuade the government to quickly introduce and utilize the latest medical techniques that are newly introduced.
(4) We will increase the capability of the academic society by strengthening the capacity of the journal by raising the financial support for the journal of KHRS to the level of the journal of KSC.
(5) We will reinforce the ongoing virtual symposium for private doctors and society members, and expand opportunities to share information among members by introducing a format that directly relays live procedures.

In order to create more substantial and growing KHRS with members, we will work hard together with the executive members. We ask for your support, encouragement and active participation.

Thank you kindly.

President of the Korean Heart Rhythm Society
Tae-Joon Cha, MD, PhD