11월 27일(금) 301~302호
Basic EP Review Course 1: Calcium and Arrhythmia Mechanism 08:30~10:00
좌장 신동구 / 이문형
패널 남기병, 오세일, 정보영
08:30~09:00 Introduction of Calcium and Arrhythmia for Clinician 차태준
09:00~09:30 Mechanism and Treatment of Calcium Triggered Arrhythmias Hyun Seok Hwang/
Florida State University, USA
09:30~10:00 Molecular Mechanisms of Contractile Dysfunction in Atrial Fibrillation Bianca Brundel/
UMCG Groningen and VUmc Amsterdam, Netherlands
Basic EP Review Course 2: New Aspects of Arrhythmia Control 10:30~12:00
좌장 오병희 / 차태준
패널 박희남, 윤남식, 최의근
10:30~11:00 Molecular Intervention in Atrial Fibrillation Bianca Brundel/
UMCG Groningen and VUmc Amsterdam, Netherlands
11:00~11:30 iPS Cells as Tools for Arrhythmia Research Yoshinori Yoshida/
Kyoto University, Japan
11:30~12:00 Self-powered Cardiac Pacemaker 이건재
Opening Ceremony 사회: 정보영 12:00~12:15
개회사 및 환영사: 신동구
축사: 오병희 / KHRS 현황보고: 정보영
Luncheon Symposium (BAYER) 12:30~13:30
좌장 김영훈
Evidence Based Use of Rivaroxaban to Improve Outcomes in Patients with NVAF Undergoing Non-pharmacological Approach 온영근
Insights from Real-world Evidence of Anticoagulation for Stroke Prevention in NVAF Patients 정보영
Plenary Session 1: SCD 13:30~15:00
좌장 이만영 / 신동구
13:30~13:50 SNPs for SCD 오범석
13:50~14:10 Role of Calcium in CPVT vs. LQTS Hyun Seok Hwang/
Florida State University, USA
14:10~14:30 How to Manage Patients with Brugada Syndrome 한성욱
14:30~14:50 Targets and Endpoints for VT Ablation in Patients with Recurrent ICD Shocks Chun Hwang/
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, USA
14:50~15:00 Panel Discussion 온영근, 박상원, 엄재선
Plenary Session 2: Stroke Prevention in AF 15:30~17:00
좌장 노태호 / 조정관
15:30~15:50 LAA Occlusion, Device Selection and Techniques to Avoid Complications Julian Chun/
Markus Krankenhaus, Germany
15:50~16:10 AF Ablation after LAA Occlusion Julian Chun/
Markus Krankenhaus, Germany
16:10~16:30 Elimination of AF as a Strategy for Stroke Prevention: Is It Possible? 김영훈
16:30~16:50 NOAC for Cardioversion in AF 장성원
16:50~17:00 Panel Discussion 오용석, 박형욱, 심재민
Young Investigator Award Competition 17:00~18:30
좌장 김영훈 / 신동구
발표자: 최선옥, 이소령, 양필성, 김주연, 김태석, 김태훈
심사위원: 김영훈, 남기병, 신동구, 오용석, 차태준,
             Bianca Brundel, Chun Hwang, Hyun Seok Hwang,
             Julian Chun, Yoshinori Yoshida

11월 27일(금) 303~304호
Allied Professionals 1 08:30~10:00
좌장 윤명기 / 김수영
08:30~08:50 Exercise Induced ECG Change: Diagnosis and Effective Response 강순옥
08:50~09:10 Cardiac Anatomy Relevant to Electrophysiology 임라승
09:10~09:30 SVT Differentiation Maneuvers in EP Lab 심재민
09:30~09:50 Outflow Tract Tachycardias 윤남식
09:50~10:00 Q & A
Allied Professionals 2 10:30~12:00
좌장 윤명기 / 김수영
10:30~10:50 AF Ablation: Update 김진배
10:50~11:10 CRT Optimization 박미영
11:10~11:30 MRI-Compatible Pacemakers: Current Perspectives 박정왜
11:30~11:50 Remote Monitoring 박상원
11:50~12:00 Q & A
Luncheon Symposium (ST. JUDE MEDICAL) 12:30~13:30
Today’s ICD Technology & Programming Approach to Enhance Patient Safety Raymond H. Schaerf/
Providence Saint Joseph
Medical Center, USA
Advanced Research of KHRS 13:30~15:00
연제 구연 발표: 차명진, 박준범, 박혜림, 김주연, 김유리, 이기홍
CIED Session 15:30~17:10
좌장 김유호 / 김준수
15:30~15:50 Remote Monitoring of CIED: Pie in the Sky? 박상원
15:50~16:10 CIED Infection: Incidence, Predictors, and Prevention Strategies 엄재선
16:10~16:30 QRS Duration > 150 ms: Is It Mandatory for CRT? 오일영
16:30~16:50 Interventional Techniques for LV Lead Implantation 박승정
16:50~17:00 Q & A
LAAO Session 17:00~18:30
좌장 최인석 / 최기준
17:00~17:20 Anatomy and Physiology of LAA 진은선
17:20~17:40 Arrhythmias Related to LAA 김준
17:40~18:00 Managing Patients who Failed Oral Anticoagulation 이영수
18:00~18:20 Cardiac Evaluation for LAA Occlusion 온영근
18:20~18:30 Q & A

11월 28일(토) 301~302호
ECG Education Course 08:30~10:30
좌장 오동진 / 현명철(08:30~09:30)
08:30~08:50 ECG Basics 한상진
08:50~09:10 Interpretation of P Wave / Sinus Node Dysfunction 안민수
09:10~09:30 AV Node and AV Block 조영진
좌장 배은정 / 조용근(09:30~10:30)
09:30~09:50 Bundle Branch and Fascicle 김대혁
09:50~10:10 Differential Diagnosis of Narrow QRS Tachycardia 신우승
10:10~10:30 Differential Diagnosis of Wide QRS Tachycardia 박경민
좌장 김준수 / 김대경(11:00~11:40)
11:00~11:20 ECG Interpretation in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease 나상훈
11:20~11:40 Early Repolarization 남기병
ECG Golden Bell 11:40~12:40
좌장 최기준 / 허준
참석자: 각 병원 전공의 또는 전임의 중 지원자
Luncheon Symposium (Boehringer Ingelheim) 12:40~13:40
좌장 최기준 / 차태준
  Optimization of Anticoagulation Treatment with Dabigatran in AF 심재민
  An Asian Perspective on Stroke Prevention in AF with Dabigatran 이기홍
  Q & A
13:40-14:10 부정맥연구회 총회 및 YIA, ECG Golden Bell 시상식
Arrhythmia Review Course 14:15~16:15
14:15~15:15 Basic for Interpretation of Arrhythmia
프로그램 디렉터: 김성순
      패널: 곽재진, 변경민, 심재민,
장성원, 장진근, 현대우
15:15~16:15 Bradyarrhythmia and Pacemaker
프로그램 디렉터: 오세일
      패널: 노승영, 박예민, 박준범,
박환철, 위진, 차명진
Arrhythmia Review Course 16:30~18:30
16:30~17:30 Narrow QRS Tachycardia
프로그램 디렉터: 조정관
      패널: 강기운, 김동민, 문희선,
임성일, 조영진
17:30~18:30 Wide QRS Tachycardia
프로그램 디렉터: 이문형
      패널: 김유리, 김준형, 박종성,
이대인, 이성호, 정중화

11월 28일(토) 403~404호
Clinical Tutorial: Cardiac Imaging for Electrophysiologist 08:30~10:30
좌장 Chun Hwang / 송재관
패널 김남호, 온영근, 김진배
08:30~08:50 Cardiac Imaging and Arrhythmia 정보영
08:50~09:15 Cardiac MR for AF Ablation Chun Hwang/
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, USA
09:15~09:40 Cardiac MR for SCD Risk Evaluation 윤연이
09:40~10:05 TEE for LAA Occlusion 홍그루
10:05~10:30 Nuclear Imaging for Cardiac Autonomic Nerve 팽진철
Debate Session: What Is Your Strategy 11:00~12:30
좌장 황교승 / 정병천
패널 남궁준, 김대혁, 김종윤
11:00~11:45 A Patient Experienced Embolic Event Despite Adequate Anticoagulation LAA Occlusion: 신승용(11:00~11:20)
NOAC: 김남호(11:20~11:45)
11:45~12:30 A 70-year-old Woman with Tachycardia-bradycardia Syndrome AF Ablation: 최종일(11:45~12:05)
Pacemaker: 박형욱(12:05~12:30)
Luncheon Symposium (Medtronic) 12:40~13:40
Primary Prevention 정보영
EP Session 14:40~16:00
좌장 이만영 / 남기병(14:40~15:20)
14:40~15:00 Should Atrial Tachycardia without AF Be Anticoagulated? 오용석
15:00~15:20 Rotor Ablation: What Is True and What Is False 박희남
좌장 최인석 / 조용근(15:20~16:00)
15:20~15:40 Contact Force-sensing Catheters 박형섭
15:40~16:00 Renal Denervation for Arrhythmia Control 최의근
좌장 곽충환(16:30~17:10)
16:30~16:50 Importance of Left Atrial Posterior Wall in AF Ablation 김진석
16:50~17:10 What GP Is an Ablation Target for This Area? 오세일
Unknown EP Tracings 17:10~18:30
좌장 김영훈
패널 장성원, 김준, 신승용, 이기홍, 박진규